Welcome to DesJarlais Farms & Winery!

Where Tradition Meets Adventure in Every Sip and Stay!

Step into a unique world of timeless charm at DesJarlais Farms & Winery, a unique destination where the legacy of family and the allure of discovery unite. Since 1938, our 20-acre sanctuary has evolved into a haven of tastes, experiences, and memories waiting for you to uncover.

Indulge in the artisanal miracles of our winemaking process as you journey through a medley of our white wines, red wines, and country wines. Each bottle is a testament to our dedication to small-batch wines that only our boutique winery can produce.

Our apiary is a testament to our commitment to harmony between the land and nature’s most diligent workers. The raw honey produced here on our farm is a local favorite and is a taste of one of nature’s purest gifts.

Our carefully nurtured landscape is more than just a backdrop – an invitation to explore. Wander around the farm, stroll along the vineyards, and breathe in the essence of our 20-acre sanctuary. Every inch tells a story of family dedication and a deep connection to the land.

Sturgis Hideaway lodging and campground is an opportunity to disconnect from the ordinary and reconnect with nature and yourself. Experience the magic of conventional stays in our Railroad Caboose, Tipi, Sheep wagon, Hen house and other farm outbuildings that will create lasting memories.

Escape to our extraordinary campground, Sturgis Hideaway, where unique accommodations await your adventurous spirit. Spend your nights in a transformed railroad caboose, a cozy tipi, or a charming Sheep Wagon, among other distinctive structures. It’s camping with a twist, where comfort meets curiosity.

Our farm and local vendors carry a treasure trove of our signature wines, honey products, and one of our best sellers, Raspberry jam. Treat yourself and your loved ones to your favorites.

At DesJarlais Farms & Winery, we invite you to savor the legacy, embrace adventure, and create timeless memories. Whether you're tasting our wines, exploring our landscape, or indulging in unique stays, every moment reflects our family's dedication to creating an experience you'll treasure forever.